About Us

“Jodi” is a family owned construction company which was established in 1991. Initially it was established as a form for real estates, the company succeeded to become famous on the market and to be a broker in more than 2500 deals with real estates of any kind within 2 years. This fact gave us confidence and provided a stable basis as to establish a construction company, which to offer its clients a product to meet their requirements and individual needs. After 27 years on the market, we have built around 500 apartments in 20 residential buildings, several family houses and many other projects and repair works.

Current and future projects:

“Jody and son” company shall continue making happy its clients with providing them high quality, professionalism and correctness, as well as with a new vision in its projects. Comfort, security, low operational costs, innovativeness, vision and long-term sustainability of the buildings- these are the fundaments, which shall mark each of our projects in the future.

Clients are priority

For us the clients are most important and our aim is to provide them with the quality and comfort they deserve. In our future projects we have planned to use materials of the highest class as we intend to offer more exclusive and boutique style. Our mission is to create individuality, style and comfort, which to stay stable over time and to satisfy the needs of our clients!